How It All Started


Bogana Milka brought Nasi Bogana, a simple banana leaf-wrapped mixed rice from Tegal-Central Java, to fame in the metropolitan Jakarta in 1998.

Focusing on home-cooked Indonesian dishes coupled with fresh ingredients, its simplicity yet richness in flavor tantalize many - making it one of the most favored dishes today.

Started as a hobby, Bogana Milka has grown from a home-based production to become one of the most highly sought traditional meal providers today. After successfully cooking its reputation for taste and quality among friends and family, Bogana Milka extends its reach to cater demand from various customers.

We currently serve thousands of orders in Jakarta every day, making us one of the most successful traditional meal franchise in town. Our diversified customers range from homemakers to corporations, as well as in weddings and government functions.

With more than 30 meal selections at an affordable price, we strive to satisfy your cravings for Indonesian cooking that will tease your taste buds through an enticing culinary voyage of authentic flavors.

Join thousands of our satisfied customers and let us know what you think!